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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are your “typical” patients?
A: We serve men who are typically age 30 and older who want to feel better and live a more vibrant life. Symptoms of hormone changes typically begin to appear in one’s 30s and beyond.

Q: I do not live in Washington, D.C. Will you still accept me as a patient?
A: Yes, we require your initial consult to be in-person with our physician. We will continually monitor your program via blood work and follow up appointments will be scheduled, as required, based on individual patient needs.

Q: What can I expect of my first appointment?
A: We always begin with an initial (and confidential) telephone consultation to learn more about your goals and your symptoms. This helps our medical team determine the appropriate initial course of action for your unique circumstances. Learn more about what to expect during your first visit.

About Our Therapies

Q: Are these therapies safe?
A: Yes. Numerous studies over the years have demonstrated the safety of natural hormone replacement protocols. Our program is medically supervised and monitored and our protocols are based on patient care best practices. We only prescribe therapeutic doses and we only use bio-identical hormones in our therapy.

Q: What are bioidentical hormones?
A: Also known as natural hormone replacement, the process of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) deals with the replacing the absent hormones in the body with naturally created ones. The hormones are given in specific doses based upon the needs of each individual, and are used to cure hormone-related diseases, conditions, and symptoms.

Q: Are bioidentical hormones available for men?
A:Bioidentical hormones for men are not as well known, but do exist. There are periods in a man’s life in which hormones become imbalanced and create medical problems or symptoms. With the use of these created hormones, there is help.

For Men

Q: What are the symptoms of low testosterone (low T)?
A: Symptoms of Low T (low testosterone) may include: low sex drive, weight gain, loss of strength, lack of energy, sleeping difficulties, mood swings, memory loss, decreased muscle and irritability. Read more about Low T and andropause.

Q: What is andropause?
A: The impact of decreasing androgens is known as andropause, also called “male menopause” or clinically known as Partial Androgen Deficiency in the Aging Male (PADAM). It is a normal part of aging, although for some men it is accompanied by a gradual and undesired decline in their sexuality, mood and overall energy. Sometimes it can even expose men to more serious health risks.

For People with Specific Conditions

Q: Will this program work for me if I’m HIV-positive?
A: Yes! In fact, numerous studies have shown that HIV can affect the body’s ability to produce and maintain hormone levels. Individuals who are HIV-positive can significantly benefit from hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to help keep hormones balanced and working properly. In fact, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is important for everyone in maintaining good health as we age.