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Benefits of Sublingual Erectile Dysfunction Medication

Benefits of Sublingual Erectile Dysfunction Medication

Erectile dysfunction is a condition experienced to at least some degree by most men over the age of 35. The causes of ED include obesity, heart disease, tobacco use, stress, and mental health factors. This doesn’t mean that ED is a sign of a serious medical condition, however. Sexual arousal and the subsequent physical responses are triggered by the brain, and the ability for the penis to become hardened depends on the overall health of the individual. Sublingual erectile dysfunction medication is a common treatment for this problem.

With that being said, not all ED medications are alike. Some of these prescription drugs work better than others, and some have lingering side effects. We offer our consultation services to anyone interested in the benefits of sublingual erectile dysfunction medication, and after reviewing the client’s health and medical history, we can offer suggestions as to which medications will likely produce the most satisfying results.

Problems with Erections

Most males find it more and more difficult to maintain a strong penile erection as they enter their middle adult years. Of course, this can cause a lot of frustration and even embarrassment in the bedroom. The modern prescription drugs that treat ED are formulated to make it easier to maintain an erection during periods of sexual arousal.

These drugs help relax the blood vessels in the penis and the nearby genital areas. This increases blood flow to the penis and results in a stiffer erection. The drugs don’t have long-lasting effects, so it’s rare for a man taking one of these prescription drugs to keep an erection for hours on end.


One of the topics we discuss with our clients during an initial consultation centers around lifestyle. A man’s dietary habits and the amount of physical exercise he gets on a daily or weekly basis helps us determine the proper drug as well as the correct dosage. Some of the sublingual erectile dysfunction medications work best when taken on a fairly empty stomach, for example.

Most of these prescription medications begin to have a positive effect within minutes after ingestion. The drugs quickly become present in the circulatory system. The most enjoyable benefit is the positive influence these drugs have on the sexual experience. When an erection can be maintained for a longer period of time, confidence rises significantly, and this is a good thing for both the male and his partner.

Learn More About ED Medications

There’s a lot of new information about ED, its causes, and the best way to treat it. Consult with us at Potomac Rejuvenation Center in Washington, DC to learn how sublingual erectile dysfunction medication can help. Contact us today to book an appointment and get started!