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Erectile Dysfunction

Living with ED?

More than half of all men in the United States may experience some level of erectile dysfunction, with about 40 percent of men in their forties and 70 percent of older men, dealing with the issue. Men with heart disease or diabetes, who take specific medications for those health issues, may have a higher risk of developing erectile dysfunction. It’s a natural fact of life that one’s performance can diminish at certain stages of a man’s life. About 40 percent of men in their forties and 70 percent of older men deal with erectile dysfunction and other related issues.

If you have heart disease or diabetes, you may also have a higher risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

Potomac Rejuvenation Center partners with a licensed specialty pharmacy to treat sexual health problems in men including erectile dysfunction with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. All treatment plans are tailored to each specific patient’s needs and desired health outcomes, and all products are premium, legal, and American-made.

Sexual Activity and Oxytocin

Oxytocin, best known for its roles in female reproduction, has been found in recent studies to be involved in a wide variety of functions, including sexual activity, erection, ejaculation, and even social bonding and stress. Oxytocin is important as a component for sexual arousal in men as well.

  • Sexual activity stimulates the release of Oxytocin
  • Oxytocin released during sexual orgasm
  • Social stimuli can also induce the release of Oxytocin, which makes social interactions more rewarding
  • Studies show those who maintain Oxytocin levels during negative emotions are less likely to report interpersonal problems

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

While erectile dysfunction can be an issue which many men don’t want to talk about, it is important to realize that many men are affected by this issue, and there are solutions to the problem. Some of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction include:

  • The inability to achieve or maintain an erection
  • Low libido or sex drive
  • A decrease in fertility
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Lack of natural lubrication
  • Decreased sensitivity
  • Poor sexual stamina
  • Loss of pleasure in sexual encounters
  • The inability to achieve orgasm

Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction

The Potomac Rejuvenation Center has developed protocols for treating different causes of erectile dysfunction which includes the improvement of sex drive, sensitivity and the ability to achieve an orgasm. A man’s testosterone levels are analyzed, and treatment provided for men who have low, or sub-optimal testosterone levels. Some of the treatments offered by PRC include:

Tadalafil Sublingual Trochees: These trochees are a generic form of Cialis which dissolve under the tongue for maximum absorption into the bloodstream. The Trochees are custom-made for the individual patient, available in different strengths. The response time is long-lived, and can last for 2-3 days for most patients. Troches are also available with Oxytocin and Tadafil for a mood enhancing effect.

Sidenafil Capsules: These capsules are the generic equivalent of Viagra, with enhanced effectiveness due to customized dosage strength and capsules rather than tablets. Sidenafil capsules are convenient, fast acting and great for confidence and performance in the bedroom.

Intracavernous Injection Therapies: The American Urologic Association deems intracavernous injections as the most effective, non-surgical treatment for erectile dysfunction. Injections into the penis, unlike oral medications, triggers an automatic erection and can be performed by the individual 5 minutes prior to sexual activity, lasting no longer than an hour. Intracavernous Injection Therapy is affordable and effective.

Erectile Dysfunction and Low Hormone Levels

Low testosterone levels are linked to some of the same conditions which play a role in erectile dysfunction, including heart disease, Type II diabetes, and obesity. Men with low testosterone levels can benefit from testosterone replacement therapy as a means of restoring libido.

PT-141 is a peptide that was specifically designed to help enhance desire and can help improve erection quality.

Most patients feel the impact about 2 hours after taking it and the “desirous” effect typically lasts into the next day! PT-141 can help men achieve erections who were unresponsive to PDE5 inhibitors, better known as “the little blue pill” or sildenafil. It has been helpful for a few of our patients using anti-depressants, which can negatively affect sexual desire and performance.

For those more interested in the science PT-141 is a melanocortin receptors agonist. Melancortins help control certain body processes and PT-141 binds specifically to receptors which are indicated to control desire!

So just to recap, most patients  feel the “desirous” impact about 2 hours after taking PT-141 and this often lasts into the next day!

It’s a great treatment option to address low libido and erectile dysfunction even those who were unsuccessful with PDE5 inhibitors.

PT-141 is easy to use, safe, and premium US-made.

Erectile Dysfunction Medication or Hormone Replacement Therapy?

If your biggest concern is erectile dysfunction, then treatment with Viagra or Cialis may not always be the best place to start. Prior to Viagra and drugs like it, testosterone was considered an important medical therapy for sexual health, as it triggered both the desire for sex as well as, in many cases, an erection. According to associate clinical professor of urology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, testosterone by itself can improve erections in the majority of men who take it. In some cases, if a man is still not satisfied with the quality of his erection with testosterone therapy alone, a combination of testosterone replacement therapy, as well as the right ED drug, can restore normal erections.

How Proper Diet and Exercise Can Help Erectile Dysfunction

Doing simple things such as eating right and regular exercise can do wonders for your performance. According to one Harvard study, 30 minutes of walking a day was linked to a 41 percent drop in the risk for ED. A Massachusetts Male Aging Study found that limiting the consumption of red meats, processed meats, and refined grains, along with the addition of fruits, whole grains, fish and vegetables in the diet can significantly decrease the likelihood of erectile dysfunction. Further, a chronic B12 deficiency may also contribute to the development of ED.

Stay fit! Losing weight when necessary can improve ED, as a man with a 42-inch waistline is 50 percent more likely to develop ED than one with a 32-inch waistline.

Getting the Help You Need From Potomac Rejuvenation Center

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, help is available. Schedule a consultation with Potomac Rejuvenation Center in Washington DC to learn more about the symptoms of erectile dysfunction as well as how PRC can help reverse them.

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