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Eric North

Owner & CEO

Eric North, owner and CEO of Potomac Rejuvenation Center has been a lifelong believer in the transformational power of healthy living.
At the age of 38 Eric left his corporate job to pursue his dream of becoming a personal trainer and, later a very competitive real estate professional. A typical type A personality, he excelled in his careers but at the age of 42 he felt like his energy and strength was going downhill almost overnight. He no longer had his normal enormous reserve of energy and felt more fatigued, cranky and not himself.
His physician at the time determined that his testosterone levels were low and Eric displayed most of the classic symptoms. He was prescribed low dose testosterone gels and they helped in the short term. However, the gels were messy and smelly and he later learned that the concentration of testosterone was quite low and his blood test results were still not optimal. After extensive research he found a respected clinic in Palm Beach, Florida and became a new patient. This started his own journey of learning about his internal health and the power of a well supervised hormone therapy program. It worked so well that he put together a business plan and opened Washington, DC’s first dedicated hormone therapy clinic in 2010. Since then Potomac Rejuvenation Center has helped countless men and women experience the life-changing benefits of a properly supervised hormone therapy program both in the Washington, DC area and nationwide.
“Today I’m stronger, look younger and am more focused than ever. HRT has changed my life! I’ve been very fortunate to start another career where I can reach out and help others by spreading the word about the transformative benefits of HRT”