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For Optimal Health From Potomac Rejuvenation Center in Washington DC

Proper nutrition—including essential vitamins and minerals—is an important cornerstone of our program to help you regain your energy and restore you to optimal health.

At Potomac Rejuvenation Center, we will help you identify your nutritional needs and recommend specific protein and vitamin supplements to help you achieve your health goals.

  • Metabolize proteins
  • Regulate carbohydrate metabolism and blood sugar
  • Rid the body of unwanted fat deposits
  • Enhance recovery and boost physical performance
  • Increase blood flow to the organs (which can also enhance sexual performance)
  • Restore energy
  • Eliminate free radicals, which cause symptoms of aging
  • Improve liver health
  • And many more great benefits!

Supplements/Vitamin therapy with Thorne Research

We’re pleased to announce that Potomac Rejuvenation Center is now affiliated with Thorne Research, one of the U.S.’s top supplement providers. We believe the quality of these products are consistent with our mission to provide the best and most holistic anti-aging patient care.

Thorne provides top-notch research and testing for all products. All of their raw ingredient suppliers are qualified to meet purity standards and meet stringent specifications, plus tested and verified for added assurance. Learn more about Thorne Research here.

Thorne Research offers a complete line of anti-aging, sports and nutrition supplements. All of our patients are provided with a link and password for easy online ordering and the convenience of home delivery. Dr. Tyson will provide guidance on which supplements to use to enhance your anti-aging/hormone therapy program. To view Thorne Research’s catalog, visit here.

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