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I’ve been an athlete all my life; played four years of varsity sports in high school, division one college football, competed in powerlifting and bodybuilding afterwards, and ventured into Crossfit in my 30s. I have never not worked out since I was 13 years old. When I hit 35 years old the desire to compete in sports and exercise was still strong, but my ability to perform, strength, stamina, and recovery nose dived off a cliff. I was gaining weight, losing energy, and losing the mental edge to push. I contacted multiple hormone replacement therapy companies across the country and found a home with Mike and Eric at PRC. From first contact, the immediately treated me like I was part of their family and not a client. My first visit was an eye opener. Mike’s (Skinner) knowledge about hormone replacement is only rivaled by his desire to see his “family” succeed.

When I first contacted PRC I was 5’10” 272 pounds, size 40 pants, and size 50 jacket. After getting my blood work done I worked with the PRC team to develop a protocol for comprehensive hormone replacement therapy. When I started the therapy, I immediately saw results. More energy, more awake, more desire to do anything and everything. I’ve been on therapy for two years and I have seen consistent fat loss, fitness capacity increase, and overall quality of life being restored. As I stand right now, I am still 5”10” (thankfully!) and weigh 207 pounds. My body fat has gone from roughly 35% to 17% and my fitness level is what I would consider elite. Hormone replacement therapy has restored my body’s hormone balance to align with normal conditions for someone my age. My goal is to get sub 200 pounds, and I know I can achieve that with the help of PRC!

Eric R.

Before I was introduced to PRC, I used to always be tired, foggy brained, and had very little gains at the gym. After 6 just months of HRT, the owner of my gym asked me to write a success story of my fitness achievements. I wake up refreshed and eager to start my day. I am the strongest that I have ever been in my life and really starting to get cut. Overall, I am a much more energetic and positive personality thanks to PRC. I am excited about what my future path may hold and I plan to continue HRT as I believe it enables me to live life to the fullest. Thank you PRC for all your help.

Ray T.

WOW! What a difference a few weeks makes. When I first came to Physician’s Rejuvenation Centers in DC, I was healthy but just not feeling at my peak. I was continually tired, experiencing mood swings, not sleeping through the night and found it difficult to focus at work. Earlier this year I had a wake-up call as to my health and had begun a workout regimen and nutritional plan that allowed me to lose a significant amount of weight. However, while I felt good I lacked the vitality that I had in my 30s/40s.
After only five weeks under your plan, I find that I am much more focused at work, have a tremendous amount of energy, sleeping through the night and actually feel as though I am more able to compete with my fellow work mates. Everything you told me that would happen has happened and more. I look forward to my workouts and find that I have much more sustainable energy. I want to thank you both for your guidance and advice.
I look forward to a continued increase in strength, vitality and mental ability as I continue working with PRC. I have to tell you that at age 54, I feel as good, if not better, than when I was in my mid-30s. I thank you for giving me a renewed energy and outlook towards my future.

Walter W.

I have been with PRC in DC for little over a month and I’m already seeing amazing results. I have packed on over 10 pounds of muscle! When I came into the clinic for the first time, I was impressed with their service. I explained to them my situation and objectives and they formulated a plan specific for me to achieve my goals. They are very patient and detail oriented and are very quick in getting back to me whenever I had a question either via email or phone. They have also been constantly checking up on my progress. My body feels great and I look better with my recent muscle gains. I look forward to a healthier and better life.

Derek L.

I am extremely pleased to have become acquainted with the knowledgeable and professional staff at PRC.  If one is interested in pursuing restorative therapies intended to increase quality of life, there is simply no better choice in Washington or the nation than PRC.

Joe S.

Several years ago my father-in-law came to live with us, and I took one look at him and vowed I was not going to be in that condition – frail and old with no energy – when I was 80. I was feeling a bit draggy, couldn’t sleep well, and despite the dedicated gym routine, was loosing the battle of the fat. I was wondering if maybe I had “low T”, but during a routine annual physical, my primary care physician said I was fine. Further research on my own part showed I wasn’t fine. Testosterone levels at the very low of the “normal” scale – very low 200s. I discovered PRC of DC and went to them for information about HRT. A complete workout showed very low level of testosterone, and I immediately went on testosterone replacement therapy. What a difference in energy and overall feeling of wellness. Not tired any more, concentration levels up, and feel like I did 30 years ago. and My gym routine is beginning to pay off with decent gains in good lean muscle and a body fat down to 13% from 24% . For a 66 year old that is not bad. The team at PRC in DC have been great and very responsive to any questions or concerns that may come up. They make the whole process very easy and resupply of meds is done fast and efficiently. I cannot recommend them enough. What ad difference it has made in the past two years. Wish I had started sooner. Thanks so much PRC in DC!

Greg M.

In 2011, I found my workouts in the gym were no longer fulfilling.  I also was getting more lethargic in general throughout the day.  I had trouble finishing sets and I was losing interest.  I had heard about HRT and decided to check it out.  I went online and found PRC in DC and called to make an appointment. I met Eric and Tom in the summer of 2011. They explained all of the services PRC offers with an emphasis on HRT.  I then had bloodwork taken and my testosterone level was low normal.  My internist and urologist both thought there was nothing alarming, and did not see the need for treatment.  But my internist agreed if I wanted to try HRT and that is what I did in October 2011. First let me say how much I appreciate the personal care that Eric showed and still shows toward me.  It took a little bit before I got comfortable injecting and he was always there with quick guidance.  He processes my reorders very promptly and in 2 days the medications are delivered to my doorstep.  And the prices are very, very competitive with what other clinics/doctors charge (and usually less). I am pleased to say that a year and 4 months later I look and feel like a new man.  My body mass is significantly leaner with more muscle mass.  I have increased my capacity to complete a much more rigorous workout.  The weight I am now able to lift, press, or pull has increased by 15 to 35% depending on the exercise.  I also have significant arthritis, and have had multiple adult surgeries (including 3 shoulder surgeries) but HRT’s healing properties make it much easier to train with much less pain. I am 60 years old and most people think I am in my mid-40s.  I now have a 31-inch waist which I have not had since middle school.  My outlook on life has improved, and I now I look forward to each day in the gym.  Instead of not being able to finish sets, the challenge is to quit instead of overdoing it.

Ken B.

The new therapy has given me my life back! I feel 20 years younger and all of the symptoms I was struggling with are gone. In fact, the side effects I had from my prior therapy are gone too now that I have the HCG and Arimidex.

Barry N.

So you know every time I get an email from you I have to thank you for everything. Even with a severely sprained ankle earlier this year that kept me out of the gym for nearly three weeks; I was able to maintain my weight and heal pretty quickly. I’ll say it a thousand times; you changed my life Eric – thanks! Lol the pics with the beard are 2 weeks old and the shaved ones are from this last week and today. I’ve been holding at 215 lbs but about to start bulking again with Mike’s help. We still need to workout sometime; I could use all the help I can get.

G. Davy

I honestly can’t tell you how much happier & healthier I feel now.
I feel like a brand new me….THANK YOU.

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