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What is a Potomac Rejuvenation Center Experience Like?

What is a Potomac Rejuvenation Center Experience Like?

It can be a daunting decision for many men considering the need to restore vitality or address “low testosterone.” At Potomac Rejuvenation Center, we make it easy for you. We understand how you feel and hundreds of men just like you have come into our office over the years.  We are a patient centred practice committed to provided premium customized care. Here’s what a Potomac Rejuvenation Center appointment is like.

The first thing that happens is a free phone consultation. We want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us. Once we are able to understand your symptoms and your desired outcomes we will schedule your consult with Dr. Tyson, our medical director. Dr. Tyson will discuss therapy options and review your blood work to determine if treatment is a good option for you. We tailor our treatments to each individual patient by careful analysing your symptoms and blood work results. We use this information to develop your treatment plan, and this is where it all begins!

Throughout the course of your wellness journey with Potomac Rejuvenation Center, we are here for you every step of the way. Our medical team will follow up with blood work to ensure optimal hormone balance is achieved and more importantly look to you to see how your symptoms are improving with your customized therapy program. We do not just treat ‘the numbers’ we treat individuals. Helping each of our patients achieve their health goals is our priority. All follow-up consultations come at no added cost to you – that is how committed we are to developing a relationship with our patients based on trust and honesty.

Are you ready for a positive change in your life? Potomac Rejuvenation Center is committed to helping men just like you achieve the quality of life you deserve. Give our team a call at (202) 836-6232 to arrange a free phone consultation to begin your very own wellness journey!