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What is Sermorelin HGH Therapy?

What is Sermorelin HGH Therapy?

GHRH or growth hormone releasing hormone is also referred to as sermorelin acetate. This hormone stimulates your pituitary gland to ensure you produce human growth hormones. The hormone is identical to the hormones naturally in your body, so it is called bio-identical. Sermorelin HGH therapy increases your body’s production of HGH or human growth hormone effectively and safely.

Your pituitary gland naturally produces HGH for the regeneration and growth of your cells. HGH is important for your bone density, lean muscle mass, vital organs and tissues. Children need HGH for their development and growth. HGH production begins to decrease once the body reaches adulthood. This decrease becomes significant.

One of the ways to treat adults and children for a deficiency in growth hormone is with a type of injectable, synthetic HGH. These injections stimulate your pituitary gland to increase your natural production of HGH. This is referred to as sermorelin HGH therapy. This type of therapy provides your body with numerous benefits, including:

• Increasing your endurance, strength, vitality and energy
• The development of new muscle cells, leading to an increase in your body mass
• Breaking down your fatty acids and body fat
• Improving the function of your heart
• Strengthening the density of your bones by increasing your retention of calcium
• Accelerating your healing from surgery or wounds
• Much more

It is important to understand sermorelin HGH therapy is safe because sermorelin is not actually a growth hormone. It is a releasing factor your brain produces naturally. Sermorelin HGH therapy stimulates your pituitary gland’s secretion and production of human growth hormone.

Sermorelin HGH therapy can go a long way if you have a deficiency in human growth hormone. If you would like to find out whether or not sermorelin HGH therapy can help with your specific situation, please arrange your own personal consultation at Potomac Rejuvenation Center in Washington, DC. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment!